Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What a marathon of a day!

Yes, we went back to the VA hospital, and we will go back again tomorrow for more tests.  When we got back, I immediately went to see the CSA farmers who I spin fleeces for.  They are taking my yarn to a farm products show to sell and needed to talk to me about pricing, sales, spinning, etc.  Then I rushed home and got dinner in the oven.  Home made pizza is cooking right now.  And now I get to relax a moment and visit with you!

Remember when I talked about priorities, and how I wanted to work toward making a difference?  Well, I have chosen the difference I want to work on.  A documentary I watched recently stated that for each pound an United Statesan (my term for American, not the documentary makers) Thousands of gallons of gasoline are used just to haul our overweight asses around.  That is per pound, per annum!  I am 52 pounds heavier than I want to be.  In a 7 day time period, I have made 3 trips to Louisville, 1 trip to Fort Knox, 1 trip to Tennesee to handle banking issues.  With my 52 extra pounds, I seem to have really used more precious petroleum than is my share.  While it is true that this was not an ordinary 7 days, I can not deny that unusual 7 days do occur.  Maybe even to you?

So here is the difference I am working on now.  For the good of the planet, I am going to lose this 52 pounds.  If I can lose an average of 1 pound a week, I can do it in 1 year, just in time for Thanksgiving, 2011.  Will keep you posted!

What difference do you want to make?

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