Monday, November 8, 2010

I found the above cartoon funny for 2 reasons. I love the fact that, like most couples, Helga can say something that seems so very obvious, "Save something for a rainy day" and be completely misunderstood by her long time mate, "I'm saving my dirty laundry"! Gerry and I absolutely do this, and until something is accidentally revealed, we do not know where it all went wrong! Second, because I also deliberately wait for a rainy forcast to do my laundry. I use a hand washer that I bought over a decade ago at Lehman's, and I love when a rainy day is coming, because then I just wash everything and let the rain do the rinsing!

To explain, before you asphixiate from your gasps of horror, Gerry and I are naturists (read the Manifesto), so we have a lot less laundry than most people, and I use VERY little laundry detergent in the first place, so rinsing is just not much of an issue.

All humour aside, however, I do believe with all my heart, that it is vital to have clear communication with your partner, vital to "Save for a rainy day" and vital to use the resources that are available to us, like a rainy day, or an abundance of plastic bags.

What is vital to you?

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