Friday, November 19, 2010

The dots are connecting...

Nothing was updated yesterday. I am sorry about that.  Gerry had his last hospital visit yesterday (at least, we hope it is the last for a while).  We got home just about completely brain dead from exhaustion and stress.  I checked my email, he checked his, and that was it for the computer work for the night.

I had a chance to see what the "real" world is like while I spent the last week out and about.  I saw and heard things that do not normally intrude here on the farm or making a quick trip to town.  I also saw a lot of television while ensconced in various waiting rooms (I only have a DVD/VHS player here at home)  Things are really fermenting and percolating in my Deep Thinking Well.  It is not ready yet, but a rant is coalescing.  Expect a Connected Dots entry soon.

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