Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dog Food

We have 2 dogs, Yin and Yang, whom we do not intend to get rid of. Since our decision last year to do away with buying new Livestock Industry merchandise, feeding them has become problematical, because dog food is nothing but Livestock Industry products. Unable to buy our dogs their own livestock for food because of a money shortage, we compromised on making that our ONLY Livestock Industry purchase. You can guess the results, I am sure. That crack in the door keeps opening wider and wider with the justifications of "Since I am cheating anyway..." and "Just this once..."

Having been recently smacked in the face with my own willing hypocrisy by watching the documentary_ Earthlings_ I have pulled my excuses in by the short hairs. Same obstacles, though. Not eliminating my dogs. Can't buy them their own livestock, yet. Can't convince myself that canines are herbivores. What I came up with today, as I was in the feed store to get grain for the oxen and dog food for the, well, dogs, was the fact that I always have fed them and left the food in the barn. I have been willing, for some strange reason, to feed, not only our dogs, but stray cats, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, other stray dogs, blue jays (yes!!!) and so on and so forth. This ended today. Yin and Yang are now fed here in the house, where they spend a great deal of time anyway.

This will not be fool proof, as I am as weak and feeble-minded as ever with the door-crack issues. But at least I will ONLY be feeding the dogs!

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