Saturday, November 27, 2010

Uncertainty and Contentment

Today, I have been quite the domestic goddess.  Made love to my husband, Spun wool into yarn, Planned a warp, Baked bread, Cooked beans, Washed dishes, Herded horses, and Continued on my Christmas planning.  Did not clean house or wash laundry though.  I want to get that done tomorrow.  And I want to start my sprouts. And I want to gather wild greens.  And I want to make corn tortillas with my new tortilla press.  I found directions on youtube.  Who invented youtube?  That is a remarkable thing.

I feel really good about my day, even though I was not _The Compleat Domestic Goddess_ I left too much undone.  That is really what it is all about, my focus on Connecting the Dots of responsible living.  I know that we can't do it all, and certainly not all at once, but we sure are heading in that direction.  So much of my life, I just never considered what my choices were saying or costing.  And sometimes, Yeah, I miss buying something and not wondering what I am going to do with all that plastic packaging I am bringing home.  I miss buying something cheap and not wondering who made it and if he/she had been a slave.  I miss automatic washers and dryers from time to time.  But you know, at the end of a hugely productive day of doing for myself, of not throwing a single bit of plastic in the trash, when I connect with my ancestors by getting better at a task for which proficiency was just a given for them, then I feel a great content in my heart. 

I still had time to read for pleasure, and I watched 3 movies as I went about my domestic goddess tasks.  I got a lot of yarn done.  It strikes me that the more I have someone or something else work for me, the more time I waste.  My life is made up of time, just like yours is.  It is not made of money, or things, or people.  Only time.  The more money we feel we have to chase, the less time we have.  The less we value others, either human, or animal, or plant, the less we are saying we are worth.

I think we are worth a LOT, and so I know that all the decisions we have to make are worth it, because we are saying others are worthy of our consideration.  I am so happy that we have started on this path.   It is a good one, with intriguing bends around which I can't see.  We don't have it all figured out, We have only figured out that we MUST figure it out.  And doing for myself is a good start.

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