Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Gerry!

Today is the birthday of my adored husband.  He got a previously viewed copy of the movie "Across the Universe" the one with all the Beatles music in it.  But I gave it to him a couple of days ago when he asked if we had anything new to watch.  I figured, "It's so close," and he really enjoyed it.  Today we have been watching the truly excellent PBS documentary "Commanding Heights"  Highly recommended!  Right now he is speaking to our daughter, who called for his birthday.  They are having an in depth discussion about writing and research, publishing, self publishing.... as she is also a writer.

Well, today is day 8 of my no drinking year, but I must confess that had I been able to find the whiskey last night, I would have had a bit.  But I could not, so I did not.  Tomorrow is weighing day, and I think I am going to be pleasantly surprised at the number.

How about the price of gas now, huh?  Jake brought us home an exact gallon yesterday for the chainsaw gas/oil mix.  $3.30.  I am determined to keep track of ALL our expenses this year, not just the biggies and then being surprised that small things add up.  I have a subcategory in the Utilities category called "Cost of Making Wood"  Well, with oil having peaked and us still not paying attention to alternatives and sustainability, it is going to get worse.  Not that the prices will NEVER fall, but overall direction will be up, up, and away!

Some may be surprised, if any of you are previous readers, that I have been so quiet about politics, religions, and other truly infuriating curren events.  Rest assured that I am just as opinioned as ever, and I still have rants inside of me that eventually will be written.  I just am tired, and want to focus on my life goals.  And changing people's minds about things they hold near and dear to the views that I hold near and dear, just is not one of those 2012 Life Goals.  I am discouraged about my country, and many of my countrymen, but have pretty much decided to save my limited energy and work on me and mine for a moment.

Back to the documentary.  Good night!

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