Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Can't really think of a decent title tonight

Which is a bit unusual for me.  It's late, and I am weary.  My cat, Spot, is definitely on the mend, which makes me very happy.  I sewed on a shirt for Gerry all day today.  Reworked the budget tonight, that is what I just finished doing.  Definitely going to be a tight, tight winter unless I find a job.  But if I find a job then I won't have the time or energy to do all this money saving stuff so we will spend more money and it will be a tight winter anyway, with the added bonus of me being tired and bitchy all the time.  Grapple, grapple.

I started on the Italian again today.  I listened to pop music and also language CDs, and I am about to watch a movie in Italian.  For me, that counts, because my ear becomes accustomed to the native sounds, and my eyes become accustomed to the native expressions and gestures. 

3rd day of no alcohol day.  Only 362 days to go!  Am I over the hump yet?
Seriously though, I am not an alcoholic, not going through withdrawals or anything.  I just really like to drink...

On the green front, the water heater never got turned on at all today.  No one thought about it.  The dishes have piled up though, so it will definitely be turned on tomorrow, if we have water again.

Be good to yourself.  I have to stoke the fire, then my movie is calling me.  Tomorrow Big Love is supposed to arrive, I am very excited.  Jake said he would laugh if something happened and they were delayed.  Mean adolescent!  By the way, I really messed up on my netflix decisions, moneywise.  I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

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