Monday, February 14, 2011

A sad journey

Early, early morning, we are off for an 8 1/2 hour drive to North Carolina to see Gerry's beloved sister.  They have been best friends their whole lives, and she is dying.  We are spending the rest of the week with her to help during one of her chemotherepy treatments

She is intelligent, funny, brave, savvy, a bit bossy, loving, independent, staunch, and outrageous.  I admire her tremendously, and wish with all my heart her life was not ending thusly.  My heart goes out to my dearest friend, my husband, as he struggles to make himself believe the truth that his sister is passing. This is made more difficult by seeing that her daughters, who have been estranged from her, don't seem to know how to grieve now, which is causing more hurtful acts and feelings between them.

This is not the first of his family to be taken by cancer.  His mother, brother, and first wife were so taken.

I ask you, as you look at your family today, if there is any estrangement there, that is salvagable, work to salvage it.  You don't know what will happen to you, or to any of them.  Don't let pride stand in the way of reconciliation.  Don't let the thought, "It's good enough," get in the way of making something better.  Why wait for someone else to make the first move?  Why waste time thinking you can fix it later?  Even if you do fix it later, look at the time you can spend in joy and friendship now.

Once again, be good, be kind, be green, be frugal.  Be light.

Janis, we love you so much, we'll see you tomorrow night.

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